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default personal
Victor Julien
detect/prefilter: small cleanup
Jason Ish
rust: handle windows naming change from .lib to .a
Prior to Rust 1.44, Cargo would name static libs with the .lib
extension. 1.44 changes this extension to .a when running under
a GNU environment on Windows like msys to make it more similar
to other unix environments.

Now assume static library name to be the same on Windows and
unix, but rename the .lib if found to still support older
versions of Rust on Windows.
Ilya Bakhtin
rust/dcerpc: Add UDP flag definitions
Victor Julien
detect/mpm: remove usused cleanup function
Victor Julien
detect: optimize prefilter result handling
Philippe Antoine
ci: updates github ci add-path mechanism
Jeff Lucovsky
detect: Register icmpv4 header
Victor Julien
doc/userguide: explain --strict-rule-keywords
  • debug gt4: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
Jason Ish
github-ci: check for duplicate SIDs in rules/
Victor Julien
dcerpc/udp: fix transaction handling and logging
Implement missing transaction handling.

Fix logging wrongly casting 'state' to DCERPCState instead of
DCERPCUDPState leading to crashes and malformed output.

Remove unused fields from DCERPCUDPState.
  • profiling: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
Jeff Lucovsky
detect: Add icmpv4.hdr sticky buffer
This commit adds a new sticky buffer to access the ICMPv4 header.
Danny Browning
tools: bash from env
Use of hardcoded bash prevents users from using an upgraded bash which may
live in a different location. This behavior is often seen on OSX systems.

Utilize env to find the preferred bash to call for scripts.
Jason Ish
rust/log: order log macros in descending order
Readability cleanup.
- error, notice, ... debug
Jeff Lucovsky
doc: New sticky buffer icmpv4.hdr
Philippe Antoine
rust: fix warnings found by nightly compiler
warning: getting the inner pointer of a temporary `CString`
this `CString` is deallocated at the end of the statement,
bind it to a variable to extend its lifetime
Victor Julien
atomics: fix compilation on ppc64
Jason Ish
rules/mqtt: renumber mqtt events to avoid conflict with ssh
Both SSH and MQTT events were in the 2228000 range. As SSH was
added first, renumber MQTT events into the 2229000 range which is
Philippe Antoine
detect: apply transforms to http body
Philippe Antoine
fuzz: improves detect proto target
By mimicking assert message so as to clusterfuzz differentiates
between failures
Jeff Lucovsky
detect: New enum for icmpv4 header keyword
Victor Julien
doc/userguide: update http keywords
  • debug gt4: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
Jason Ish
dnp3: set byte order when logging dnp3 src and dst
DNP3 uses little endian on the wire, for the most part this
is handled as the messages are deserialize. However, the link
header is a cast over raw data, so swap these bytes as they
are being logged.

Redmine issue:
Victor Julien
github-ci: windows in builds
Philippe Antoine
app-layer: lower limit for protocol detection on protocol change
So that protocol detection does not run for too long because
TCPProtoDetectCheckBailConditions somehow relies on its TCP stream
to start from zero, which is not the case on protocol change

Adds also debug validation checks, such as
both sides are known on protocol change

And only sets once alproto_orig
Philippe Antoine
doc: http.uri.raw has no spaces
as they are in the protocol

cf bug #2881
Ilya Bakhtin
dcerpc/udp: Fix pairing of request response
So far, request and response were paired with serial number fields in
the header. This is incorrect. According to
"Together, the activity UUID and the sequence number uniquely identify
a remote procedure call."

Hence, add activity uuid and sequence number to the transaction and pair
the request accordingly. Remove incorrect handling of this and fix
Philippe Antoine
dnp3: better limit for tests when fuzzing
Philippe Antoine
app-layer: do not try to parse gaps during protocol change
As this will leak the flow alstate because AppLayerParserParse
relies on FlowChangeProto to know if it should allocate a new
  • debug gt4: 'make distcheck' failed -  stdio
Philippe Antoine
rust: do not rebuild stdlib when coverage is enabled
Because both seem incompatible for now
Victor Julien
detect: fix inspection order with stateful rules
When stateful detection rules, for which detection has already started
for a previous packet, are added to the candidates array, the array
is sorted to mantain the correct inspection order. However, due to a
trivial error in the sort helper the array was sorted in descending
instead of ascending order.
Jason Ish
rust/log: expand macros after checking log level
Expand macros in the do_log macro after checking the log level
instead of each log macro (ie: SCLogDebug) expanding the macros
then passing off to do_log to have the log level check.

Will eliminate any expense of expanding macros if this log level
does not permit the given message to be logged.

Redmine issue:
Victor Julien
github-ci: CentOS 6 is EOL
Philippe Antoine
fuzz: check PacketCopyData return value before processing packet
Jason Ish
rust/log: clarify comment in non-debug mode SCLogDebug
Ilya Bakhtin
rust/dcerpc: Make tx_id u64
Shivani Bhardwaj
dcerpc/log: Log fields particular to an RPC version
Log fields that only are meant to be in a PDU for a particular RPC
version. Since DCERPC/UDP works on RPC version 4 and DCERPC/TCP works on
RPC version 5, there are certain fields that are particular to each
Remove call_id from the logger for UDP.
Add activityuuid and seqnum fields to the logger for UDP.
call_id and (activityuuid + seqnum) fields are used to uniquely pair a
request with response for RPC versions 5 and 4 respectively.
Ilya Bakhtin
rust/dcerpc: Remove redundant fields
Philippe Antoine
fuzz: limit memcap for datasets when fuzzing
Victor Julien
decode/null: fix type parsing
Jason Ish
configure/mingw: move libs in LDFLAGS to LDADD
Moving the libs specified in LDFLAGS to LDADD put them into the
correct placement on in the link command.