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default personal
Jason Ish
fileinfo-filestore/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Victor Julien
detect/pcre: set app proto correctly when using modifiers
Jason Ish
alert/eve: move logging of rule text (jsonbuilder prep)
Move the logging of the rule text to where the alert object
is being logged to remove the usage of json_object_get...

Getting previously logged objects will not be possible with
Jason Ish
dhcp/eve: add common eve fields
Add the common eve fields like metadata and community id.
Jason Ish
drop-log: remove drop log (deprecated)
Remove the old style line based drop log.

Redmine issue:
Jason Ish
dhcp/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Victor Julien
detect: clarify and slightly cleanup non-pf logic
Jason Ish
rust: allow some clippy lints without warning
Suppresses some clippy lints that have more to do with style
than anything else, to reduce the amount of noise in the
clippy output.
Phil Young
Napatech: Change to use separate FlowStream handle for each thread
Previously a single handle to the FlowStream (which is  used to program
flows to the card) was shared between the threads.  This resulted
in contention between the threads where sometimes programming the flow would
silently fail.
Victor Julien
doc/userguide: add IPS with BPF info, minor cleanups
Jason Ish
alert/eve: remove jansson specific feature (jsonbuilder prep)
Remove the Jansson specific feature of being able to delete
an object from json_t, in prep for refactors to JsonBuilder.

Instead create a new header for each alert to be logged.
Jason Ish
rust: bring back libc as a dependency
Its already pulled in by some of other dependencies so adds zero
extra weight, and provides handy definitions for basic functions
like free().
Jason Ish
http/eve: remove jansson version of metadata logger
With fileinfo converted over to JsonBuilder, these
Jansson versions are no longer needed.
Victor Julien
eve: print interface info for vxlan and other tunnel pkts
Jason Ish
flow/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Jason Ish
userguide: remove old drop-log documentation
Redmine issue:
Victor Julien
detect/pcre: minor code cleanups
Victor Julien
ssh: minor cleanups in incomplete handling
Jason Ish
eve/fivetuple: use intermediate address struct (jsonbuilder prep)
Currently alert logging relies on the ability to change existing
values in the json_t structure to overwrite addresses with xff
data. This feature is also used for the "target" logging.

As we can't do this with JsonBuilder, create a new struct to
hold the 5 tuple, with the values swapped as needed, and
overwritten with XFF data if needed. This struct will now
be used to write out the 5 tuple, as well as cache the information
for log fields to be written out later on in the log path.
Jason Ish
jsonbuilder: new module for generating json
JsonBuilder is a Rust module for creating JSON output. Unlike
Jansson, the final JSON string is built up as items are added,
instead of building up an object tree and rendering it when

The idea is to create a more efficient JSON serializer instead
of a flexible one.
Jason Ish
userguide: RDP now enabled by default
Redmine issue:
Jason Ish
github-ci: allow pull-request to be referenced in pr body
For example, to use suricata-verify pr #239:

suricata-verify-pr: 239

Also update the pull request template to contain the available
parameters that can be set.
Jason Ish
anomaly/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Jason Ish
rdp: enable by default
Redmine issue:
Jason Ish
http/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Jason Ish
sip/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Jason Ish
jsonbuilder: add reset marks
Add methods to get the state of a JsonBuilder (called a mark),
then allow restoring to the mark.
Jason Ish
alert/eve: use addr info struct for source/target (jsonbuilder prep)
Update the source/target logging to use the cached address info
instead of fetching it from the constructed json_t object.

This is required for migration to JsonBuilder which does not
have the ability to retrieve already set fields.
Victor Julien
flow/manager: fix management tasks not running
Fix tasks not running on the first manager, even if there is just
a single manager.
Jason Ish
flow/eve: separate flow and app_proto logging (jsonbuilder prep)
Currently the flow logger also logs app_proto information,
but not to the flow object, but instead to the root object
of the log record.

Refactor into 2 separate methods, one for the app_proto
and one for the flow, to make this more clear, as well
as make it easier to refactor for JsonBuilder as JsonBuilder
can only write to the currently open object.
Jason Ish
sip: enable by default
Redmine issue:
Jason Ish
rust/json: expose libjansson json_dumps
This will be temporarily used by JsonBuilder to add the ability
to extend JsonBuilder with Jansson's json_t types.
Jason Ish
smtp/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Jason Ish
userguide: SIP now enabled by default
Redmine issue:
Phil Young
Napatech: Fix network byte order when comparing addresses
This fixes an issue where the "endieness" was not properly accounted for
when comparing two IPv4 addresses to be sorted.
Jason Ish
rfb/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Jason Ish
alert/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Convert alert Eve logging JsonBuilder. Currently
makes heavy use of JsonBuilder being able to log Jansson's json_t
which is a temporary measure until all protocols loggers can be
converted to JsonBuilder.

New functions that replace Jansson versions with JsonBuilder
variations use "Eve" instead of "JSON".
Jason Ish
fileinfo: use addr info cache for address logging (jsonbuilder prep)
This is to prepare for JsonBuilder conversion where we can't
overwrite an already set value. Here we prepare the addresses
to be logged in a struct, overwite with XFF if needed, then
Jason Ish
dns/eve: convert to jsonbuilder
Jason Ish
tls/eve: convert to jsonbuilder